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Greenhouse Wastewater

Many companies are turning to greenhouse farming for increased production, disease and pest prevention, year-around growing, stability of environment and increased profits. Several of these benefits are driven by advances in fertigation and irrigation. Water for fertigation and irrigation mostly … Continued

Case Study: Martin-Baker America

Martin-Baker America, Johnstown, PA Martin-Baker is the world-leading designer and manufacturer of ejection seats. There are over 17,000 Martin-Baker ejection seats in service today in 54 different aircraft types across 84 countries and these numbers are ever growing. Altogether, they’ve … Continued

Fire Prevention By Design

Maybe you are a business owner, plant manager, or facility engineer and it is your responsibility to deal with the wastewater or spent machine coolant that is generated by your manufacturing process. Maybe you are considering purchasing a wastewater evaporator, … Continued

Case Study: Lumber Mill

Major Hardwood Provider from Allegany, NY This lumber company specializes in the production of green and kiln dried hardwood lumber. They employ a team of professional foresters and certified timber harvesters that can help harvest both private and public timber … Continued

Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is desirable to industry as well as the environment because it saves money, reduces liability and generates good will with customers and neighbors. ZLD facilities take strides to reduce the amount of water used in their … Continued

Case Study: Triangle Manufacturing

From small beginnings in a Rochelle Park garage more than 60 years ago, Triangle Manufacturing has grown into a 250-employee business occupying 107,000 square feet in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Partnering with global OEMs, Triangle is a leading provider of medical instrumentation and implantable devices.