Case Study: Wire Drawing

International Wire Group Case Study

International Wire Group, Inc., Camden, NY

International Wire is the largest non-vertically integrated copper and copper-alloy wire products manufacturer in the United States! They are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, to reduce the effects of climate change, specific to greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving natural resources while operating in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

The Issue

In the process of making various types of wire, they draw larger diameter wire down to smaller sizes and some wire is braided. Both operations need to be cooled and/or lubricated. This results in thousands of gallons of oily water that can be recycled for a while, but eventually it needs to be replaced. To have this hauled away is costly and also carries the liability that the company hauling it away will deal with it responsibly.

International Wire Group Case Study
International Wire Group Case Study

The Solution

The solution was to install a RunDry Evaporator that reduces the oily water down to an oil concentrate that can be sent to an oil recycling facility! This all-stainless steel unit is designed to last for many years of trouble free service. The evaporator runs automatically except for a weekly clean out that takes 15 minutes!

The Investment

After ordering their first unit, they installed it near the corporate office so that the performance could be monitored. After 6 months of operation, International Wire was very pleased and ordered two more RunDry units the following year. Year three, two more units were ordered! The return on investment is significant, the reliability is high and the maintenance is minimal! Sometimes it costs money to be an environmentally responsible neighbor, but in this case, it lowered their operating cost!

International Wire Group Case Study

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