Case Study: Martin-Baker America

Martin Baker Case StudyMartin Baker Case Study

Martin-Baker America, Johnstown, PA

Martin-Baker is the world-leading designer and manufacturer of ejection seats. There are over 17,000 Martin-Baker ejection seats in service today in 54 different aircraft types across 84 countries and these numbers are ever growing. Altogether, they’ve managed to save over 7,500 lives.

The Issue

In their Johnstown, PA facility, some of the manufacturing process steps involve metal working. Their CNC machines generate a waste machine coolant, their vibratory tumbling and four other operations generates wastewater for an annual volume of 8,600 gallons.

Martin Baker Case Study
Martin Baker Case Study

The Solution

The solution was to install a RunDry Evaporator that will reduce a gallon of their water into a teaspoon of non-hazardous sludge! This all stainless steel unit is designed to last for many years for trouble free service.

The Investment

One of Martin-Baker’s mission statements is ““we will invest for the long term to advance the capabilities of the people, systems, and processes.” Well, this investment was definitely for the advancement of their systems and process, but the return on investment wasn’t long term! They purchased a RunDry unit that was slightly larger then they needed to allow for future growth. Once the RunDry Evaporator was installed, they were able to reduce their operating cost and the RunDry unit paid for itself in about 3 1/2 years!

Martin Baker Case Study
Martin Baker Case Study

Easy to be Green

The RunDry Evaporator is designed to help Martin-Baker achieve their goal of zero liquid discharge! All their wastewater and machine coolant is reduced to a dry sludge that is easily cleaned out with this disposable plastic liner system.

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