Case Study: Tru-Flex Stamping & Assembly

Tru-Flex Stamping Case Study

Tru-Flex Stamping & Assembly, Edinburgh, IN

Tru-Flex Stamping & Assembly is a proven industrial leader for stampings and formed metal parts. Stainless steel material is fed into large stamping presses and formed into the specified geometry.

The Issue

The parts, seen in the picture on the left, are coated with lubricating oil as a by-product of a press forming operation. After the parts are stamped they are processed for cleaning through an in-line parts washer as shown in the picture on the right. This generates a wastewater that contains oil and byproduct which cannot be passed into the sewer. Paying a waste hauler to take this problem away was costing Tru-Flex $137,000 per year and exposing them to the liability of having wastewater removed from their site.

Tru-Flex Stamping Case Study
Tru-Flex Stamping Case Study

The Solution

The solution was to install a RunDry Evaporator™ that will reduce a gallon of their water into a teaspoon of non-hazardous sludge! The low operating cost of $0.08 per gallon was very desirable and this unique RunDry design allowed their Edinburgh, IN plant to become a near-zero process liquid discharge facility!

The Investment

All the various wastewater collection points throughout the facility are piped to a holding tank next to the RunDry EvaporatorTM. The RunDry Evaporator™ automatically fills itself from this feed tank as it continuously evaporates the wastewater. This process sends clean water in the form of steam into the atmosphere and retains all the waste for proper disposal. Once the RunDry EvaporatorTM was installed, Tru-Flex was able to reduce their operating cost and the RunDry unit will pay for itself and its installation, as well as the wastewater collection system, in less than one year!

Tru-Flex Stamping Case Study

A Green Neighbor

The RunDry Evaporator™ is designed to help Tru-Flex achieve its goal of zero liquid discharge! All their parts washer water, mop water, floor scrubber water and even air compressor blowdown is reduced to a sludge that can safely go in their dumpster.

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