Case Study: Small Evaporator

European Auto Service Center

The Customer

European Auto Service Center, Arlington, VA

The History

This user is a premier independent service center for European cars in the DC Metro area. They have 39 years of experience and a reputation for having the finest staff that produces quality results in their 15,000 sq.ft. facility.

The Problem

In the course of rebuilding car parts, a parts washer is used to clean the grease, oil and dirt off of the parts. This process in turn creates wastewater that must be disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner. Quality results have always been their bench mark for car repair and now they want to have quality results when it comes to being a responsible green neighbor.

The Solution

The solution was to install a 2 gph electrically heated RunDry Evaporator that would turn all the water from their parts washer into clean steam that could be vented. This leaves the smallest amount of oil and dirt that is periodically taken away. Zero wastewater discharge is now the bench mark for dealing with their wastewater!

European Auto Service Center

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