Materials of Construction

Wastewater evaporators have two areas where the selection of construction materials can play a big role in the effective life of the unit: the exterior housing and the interior water tank.

The Exterior Housing

Many of our competitors offer their wastewater evaporators with painted carbon steel as the exterior housings. They do this because it allows them to lower their initial price in an effort to get your business. The problem is that wastewater evaporators are a wet environment and the paint job can get scratched during use. The combination of these two things can result in rust forming on the housing as can be seen in this picture of a competitor’s two year old wastewater evaporator. 

RunDry Evaporators have taken the high road and use 304 stainless steel for our exterior housing. This may result in our units having a higher initial cost, however a RunDry Evaporator will stay in service much longer then our competitors. Our life time cost is much lower and our unit look great thought their life time which can be seen in the 2 year old RunDry Evaporator seen in this picture. 

The Interior Water Tank

Many of our competitors offer their water tanks in carbon steel and as a result they rust out and have a short life. RunDry Evaporators again went the quality route and made our standard 316L stainless steel. We even offer special alloys for high chloride applications.

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