Benefits of a RunDry Evaporator

Numerous companies pay for a waste hauler to take their dirty water away. If these companies would switch over to using RunDry Evaporators™ they would realize these benefits:

  1. Reduce Cost:

    It typically cost $1.00 to $2.00 to have wastewater hauled away. RunDry evaporator can save companies a significant amount of their operating cost because they can evaporate waste for $0.08 – $0.25. Many companies have ROI’s of 1 year or less.

  2. Elimination of Storage:

    If a waste hauler is used, the wastewater must be accumulated in a storage tank or drums until there is sufficient volume to warrant the trip for the waste hauler. This takes up valuable floor space in the facility. There is also a potential for spills or leaks. RunDry Evaporators™ eliminate all of this!

  3. Reduced Liability:

    When a company generates wastewater they are liable for this wastewater from cradle to grave. Therefore, if the waste hauler’s truck leaves your facility and has an accident that causes the wastewater to spill on the road, the company that generated that wastewater will have to pay for the clean up. A RunDry Evaporator™ eliminates this liability.


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