Benefits of Our Leasing Program

The Process Is Easy

We understand that you are busy and you have no time to waste. Therefore, we have joined forces with an equipment leasing company to make it smooth and easy to set up a lease! Once we receive your information, we will provide both a credit decision and the documents in the same day, in most cases. You will notice the lease agreement is in simple English and is very easy to understand.

Your Needs Will Change

Over the life of our relationship, we understand that you will need additional equipment, you may need a second evaporator, a feed tank or some pumps. Whether it is at the beginning, mid-term or near the end, we can add additional equipment to your existing lease without any hassle. Same as before – one easy monthly payment. You will find that our options are geared toward your individual needs and that our account executives have been trained to advise and assist you.

Financial & Tax Advantages

There can be advantages to leasing. Many experts believe it is better to use lease financing for your equipment and bank financing for fueling the growth of your business. Maintaining various financing partners for specific needs can provide diversity and flexibility as opportunities present themselves.

In addition, there can be tax advantages to you when you choose to lease equipment, depending on what purchase plan you choose; fair market value (FMV), 10%, or $1.00 buyout. With FMV transactions, 100% of the monthly payments can be tax deductible. Section 179 can offer an immediate tax deduction for the entire purchase in many cases. Be sure to consult to your accountant for the best tax advice.

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