Case Study: Lakeside Casting Solutions

Lakeside Casting Solutions in Monroe City, Missouri

Lakeside Casting was started 15 years ago and it has been in a growth mode ever since. They specialize in high-pressure zinc die casting and have a growing list of customers because they produce the highest quality product at the lowest cost!


The Problem

Lakeside Casting’s manufacturing process generates approximately 47,600 gallons per year of wastewater with zinc, aluminum and oil as the major contaminates. They had always been responsible citizens and had a waste hauling company come in on a regular basis to haul the water away for proper treatment. However, Lakeside Casting was paying the waste hauler $0.78/gallon to take the wastewater away, with a annual cost of over $37,000! This cost was becoming excessive and Lakeside Casting was eager to do more in-house waste reduction and recycling so that they could reduce the liability of hauling water off site and to help achieve the goal of zero wastewater discharge.

RunDry Test Results

Testing provided by RunDry Evaporators showed that they could boil off all their water and be left with just a small amount of paste that consisted of a little oil with metals that were in suspension or solution in their wastewater.


The Solution

Based on that test, the obvious solution was to install a RunDry Evaporator! Since they are always growing, they purchased a 35gph RunDry Evaporator, which was much larger than they needed. This evaporator is designed to “run dry,” which means all the water is gone, leaving only that oil/metals paste that was observed during the bench testing. Floor space was at a premium, so they built a small wastewater treatment building in the rear of their facility.

The Results

Now that the RunDry Evaporator is installed, Lakeside Casting is reap the benefits. The operator sets the evaporator to run on autofill until the wastewater feed tank is empty and then they turn it off for a few days. As Lakeside Casting continues to grow, they will run the unit more and more, taking advantage of the extra capacity they had the foresight to order.


The Savings

Lakeside Casting has always had a green approach to manufacturing, so to achieve zero wastewater discharge just seemed like the natural thing to do. Sometimes you take steps to protect the environment for future generations just because it is the right thing to do, but in this case it was the financially prudent thing to do as well. Since the RunDry unit evaporates the water at a cost of $0.06/gallon, it is saving Lakeside Casting $34,000 per year!

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